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The Little Environmentalists is committed to developing and publishing children’s environmental education materials to promote environmental awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship. We believe that parents and educators want to teach children about nature and the environment, but may not have access to the tools and information to make learning about the environment exciting and simple. Everyone learns together with The Little Environmentalists!


What makes our products environmentally friendly?
100% Recycled Paper
100% Post-Consumer Waste
Processed Chlorine-Free
and Recyclable

Using Recycled Paper:

  • Reduces demand on forests
  • Uses less total energy
  • Lessens greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilizes less bleach (chlorine), which decreases toxic chemicals in our environment
  • Produces fewer toxic releases
  • Saves water
  • Decreases waste that would be landfilled or incinerate

Q&A on the Environmental Benefits of Recycled Paper at Environmental Defense

Energy Kids Page at Energy Information Administration (This is a great resource for parents and teachers!)


The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
June 14, 2010

Awarded 2009 Book of the Year by Creative Child magazine, Go Green with Me is a unique children's book that offers many eco-friendly, energy-saving tips for the entire family. Everyone, no matter how big or small, can play a part to help protect our beautiful planet!  

Through colorful illustrations and simple, rhyming text, the book invites kids to join EnviroGirl as she learns how to take better care of her environment. Turning off lights and water faucets, recycling, growing a garden, buying organic, and using cloth bags versus paper or plastic are just some of the ways kids and families are encouraged to "go green."  

Did You Know? sections are featured throughout the pages of the book. These facts were a bit more than my 4-year-old cared to know, but older children would be able to understand and appreciate the extra information. Earth Notes, a section at the end of the book, gives detailed steps individuals, families, or classrooms can take to conserve the earth's natural resources.  

I think it is important that the company, The Little Environmentalists, practices what they preach too! Go Green with Me is printed on 100% recycled paper with 100% post-consumer waste that is processed without the use of chlorine. Inks used are also safe for the environment.  

I love the fact that learning about the environment doesn't stop with this book! The company's website,, presents an array of opportunities for further research. After perusing the website, I've become quite interested in the Energy Kids Page link under Environmental Approach. There's endless information regarding using and saving energy, including a link for lesson plans! I am sure kids will be more interested in the games and activities link, though. I can't wait until my children are finished with their current science textbook so we can delve deeply into the wonderful world of energy and conservation!  

I recommend this book to jumpstart your family's desire to "go green." For just $7.95, you get so much more than a book. You and your family will gain valuable knowledge and will learn necessary skills to become responsible stewards of our precious environment.

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Show Your Support For The Wildlife In Need Center

We will donate $1 from every purchase of Nature Discovery In My Backyard directly to support the education programs of the Wildlife in Need Center
Donations can only be made from online purchases through The Little Envirovmentalists on


Innovative Education Project Funded by Oconomowoc Area Foundation

Connecting People and Wildlife through Learning, a new collaborative effort for the Wildlife In Need Center and The Little Environmentalists, to become a reality

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Awarded Two Top Honors for 2010 From Creative Child Magazine

2010 Book of the Year Awarded to Go Green With Me
2010 Preferred Choice Book Awarded to Nature Discovery in My Backyard


Green Fifteen Winner

The Little Environmentalists is awarded as one of the Green Fifteen businesses that are committed to green services or products but also sustainable business practices. We are always honored to be recognized for our efforts!

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New Program for 2010

Water Quality Testing
Students will be introduced to the basics of stream monitoring. We will test and discuss these factors: temperature, biotic Index, flow, habitat, and turbidity. Students will also learn about the connection between land use and the resulting effects on water quality along with water conservation.


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Wisconsin Trails Magazine
July/August 2009 Editions

Wisconsin's premier outdoor magazine that explores the people, history, nature, culture, and travel reviews our recent release Go Green With Me.
Change the world one child at a time with help of the children's publisher, The Little Environmentalists. Their latest release Go Green With Me is the perfect opportunity to start a dialouge with your children or grandchildren about caring for the earth. The friendly illustrations and clever quips such as, "Reduce! Reuse! That is our Dare!" introduce environmentalism to preschoolers in a fun setting. Practical tips can be incorporated into even the littlest one's day.


Ecoscene Reviews The Latest From The Little Environmentalists
August 2009

The book, Go Green With Me by Rebecca Mattano and Kristen Collier, was beaming with important environmental tips, information, and questions. As a K-8 teacher and sponsor of my school's environmental club, that's the kind of book I want to share with my students! From the easy, rhyming text, facts and statistics throughout this short story, to tips and ideas at the end of the selection, it's a teacher's springboard to helping students learn about the importance of taking care of our planet.

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Awarded Two Top Honors for 2009 From Creative Child Magazine

2009 Book of the Year Awarded to Go Green With Me
2009 Preferred Choice Book Awarded to Nature Discovery in My Backyard


MetroParent Magazine
Rebecca is featured as a Mogul Mom in MetroParent Magazine.

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Take a look at the review by The Old Schoolhouse of Nature Discovery In My Backyard.


Natural Step for Communities
Rebecca was invited to take part in this exciting study circle, The Natural Step for Communities, how cities and towns can change to sustainable business practices! As part of the study circle a small group of dedicated individuals in Hartland have come together for a common cause, making Hartland a more sustainable community! Learn more about Natural Step programs in your communities and get involved! Keep checking back to learn about what we are doing in our community!


Check Out Our Free Downloads Page
Now you can download and print fun activities and coloring pages. Keep checking back for other great stuff!


Check Out Our Podcast With The United Montessori Association
Rebecca has been invited to interview with John Shepard about our company and books. The United Montessori Association delivers informative Podcasts to the greater Montessori community. The United Montessori Association is talking with people from a variety of backgrounds who have a sincere interest in the education and welfare of children and their families. Listen to the podcast interview!


Free Community Outreach Programs
We love to come out to the local schools, libraries, community centers, events, etc... We have had such a wonderful response from our local community and we want to thank everyone! Since 2009 TLE has done programs for thousands of children (preschool-2nd grade) and adults across Wisconsin and Illinois. If you would like to inquire about the author coming to do a program please email us.
Check out our program flyer


We are sorry, but we are not accepting any more entries.
We are looking for five families in southeast Wisconsin to take the Go Green Family Challenge. The Little Environmentalists is working with Metroparent Magazine to select five families to look at five areas: energy, food, water, recycling, and waste.

Go Green Challenge

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