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Mattano Family

Join Rebecca Mattano

Rebecca is an author, a lecturer in Environmental Sciences at Carroll University, a mother, a business owner. Join her as she explores the path to going green and sustainable living.

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Nature Discovery
Your child will venture out on a nature discovery adventure. We will begin with a reading of our short story, Nature Discovery In My Backyard, and then we will go out on our own nature discovery journey. We will look for bugs, leaves, flowers, pine cones, birds, animals, butterflies, and find all that nature has to offer! We will challenge children to smell, feel, hear, and see their way through a unique adventure. Our program will end with a craft that children will make and bring home. We hope children will return to their own backyards with a new sense of nature discovery that awaits.
We offer several options for craft activities – pinecone birdfeeders, butterflies, caterpillars, leaf cutouts and lady bugs. Craft and program will vary with location and group size.
**Exact program may vary with location**

Go Green With Me Program
Go on an environmental journey and turn green! We will begin with a reading of our short story, Go Green With Me, and then we will work on recycled craft projects together. We will talk about nature’s recyclers – worms- and vermicomposting. Children will be able to touch, learn about, and feed our worms. As part of the program children will make a recycled, biodegradable seed pot that they will plant to take home! We will challenge children to learn about eco-friendly actions that everyone can take to become more environmentally-friendly at home!
**Exact program may vary with location**

Going Green and Sustainable Living
Do you want to go green at home or feel that you are not sure what steps to take to get started? Then this forum is for you! Rebecca Mattano, a Hartland resident and author, will discuss positive simple changes that you can make in your life and home with the environment and sustainability in mind. We will discuss some of the environmental issues we are currently facing, some easy changes that you can make to go green, and how much impact these can make on the environment. We think that you will find that going green is simple and effective and that we can all work together toward a sustainable future.

New Program for 2010

Water Quality Testing
Students will be introduced to the basics of stream monitoring. We will test and discuss these factors: temperature, biotic Index, flow, habitat, and turbidity. Students will also learn about the connection between land use and the resulting effects on water quality along with water conservation.
Check out these water quality lesson and materials from UW-Extension and Water Action Volunteers

Watershed in a Box
Build a simple watershed to show runoff pollution

Erosion in a Bottle
Create a model that demonstrates the principles of soil erosion.

Urban Runoff Model
Build a model that demonstrates the dynamics of storm-water runoff.

The Human Watershed
Human Watershed: Compare the similarities between the human circulatory system and the streams and rivers that circulate water across the land.


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